RHCC is a competitive sprint canoe and kayak racing club for youth (10+) and adults.  We also share our love of the sport with the community through summer programs such as summer camp (ages 8 - 14), Adult Introduction to canoe / kayak, Dragonboat and Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP).  We have about 70-80 competitive members from beginners to national champions and hundreds of summer community participants.  All are welcome - no experience is necessary to join.

What group should I join and how does the group progression work? 
The minimum swim requirement for ALL RHCC Paddlers  is able to swim 75m  without a lifejacket or aid, and able to tread water for 1.5 minutes.   (EQUIVALENT TO PASSED RED CROSS LEVEL 6 OR LSS SWIMMER 5)
Age 10-12:     A week of summer camp is recommended first then join RD (Racing Development).  At camp, the coaches can help you assess if you are ready for RD.  If you are enthusiastic and athletic, you are welcome to enter RD directly, especially at the older end of this age range.
Age 13-14:     Join RD directly.  If you prefer, do a week of summer camp to "try it out"
Age 15-16 who want a competitive program:     Join RD directly.  Older youth often progress quickly to higher level groups.  We have some very successful athletes who joined at this age.
Age 15+ who want a recreational experience: Join one of our adult summer programs such as Adult Intro or Stand Up Paddleboard.
The Head Coach will move youth up through groups as they progress
You can join part way through the season.  For new members, we will prorate the cost to your start date.

Just looking for some instruction for recreational paddling: Adult Introductory or private lessons
I want to try something new for a couple of sessions: SUP or Canoe/Kayak Adult Introductory
I want to join a social sport, ongoing, that only has 1 practice a week: Try Dragonboat!
Interested in joining the club to learn sprint canoe/kayak and eventually compete?  Start with Adult Introductory for 4 weeks then join Coached Masters.
Alumni Sprint Paddler with your own racing boat?  Experienced Masters or Junior Masters
Alumni Sprint Paddler without your own boat?   Join Coached Masters directly.  We have a wide range of beginner to advanced paddlers in Coached Masters. For recent Alumni Sprint Paddlers, over 18, who wish to continue paddling racing boats for fitness and recreation, but not competitively, join our Alumni Paddling Program to paddle when the High Performance group is on the water with a safety boat, but without receiving coaching.  

Find out more about:
                            Summer Camp                                                                   Racing Development (Youth Entry)


                    Stand Up Paddleboard

Registration now available for all programs!

Please visit  Programs for details and Registration to download forms. 

NEWCanoe Kids half day camp has been designed to introduce canoeing and kayaking as a life-long skill to kids aged 7-14 years, and to motivate them to participate in and enjoy paddle sports for life.

For more experienced youth paddlers about age 10+, RHCC offers: Racing Development, Intermediate, Advanced and High Performance competitive training programs. Fancy yourself competing for your country or racing at the Olympics? These programs are for you!  We have several national champions at the club.

We also have groups for adults: Canoe-Kayak Intro, Coached Masters and Experienced Masters, Dragonboating (a boat available for teams/groups, as well as opportunities for individuals to join a team, or an introductory class) and NEW IN 2017 - Stand Up Paddleboard.

Are you a former competitive RHCC paddler aged 18+, wishing to return to the sport you love, without the rigours of coached training or regattas? We have a program for you too! Check out or newest program addition, tailored especially to suit your needs, by clicking here .

All activities take place on or around beautiful Lake Wilcox and focus on safety, fun, fitness, self-improvement and teamwork.