Missy Regatta - June 4th 2016 - results and photos!

A fun and rewarding day of races was had by all at Missy on June 4th.  Thanks to Artyom for his leadership.  

Jeffrey Cui kindly shared his wonderful photos of the event.  Many more can be found at the following link:

Some highlights:
U13 W:  1st - Maria Ivanov  
U15 M K4: 4th -Isaac Nay/Jonathan Cui/Raphael Moretti/John Reid 
U15 W K2:  1st - Sarah Nagy & Katy Stewart; 3rd - Grace Tsaousidis & Jade Needham ; 4th - Angelina Davidson & Isabella Pascoe 
Men’s U15: 2nd -John Reid
U13 M K4:  3rd - Bridget Wodehouse/Konrad Morawski/Max Horsch/ Dominic Muthukumaraswany  
U15 W K4: 1st Sarah Nagy/Katy Stewart/Grace Tsaousidis/Jade Needham; 3rd - Bridget Wodehouse/Maria Ivanov/Isabella Pascoe/Angelina Davidson 
U13 W K2: 1st - Bridget Wodehouse/Maria Ivanov  
Masters W K2:  1st-Rachel Stewart/Ann DeBrouwer; 4th - Lisa Paulson/ Marianne Downes
Masters M K1:  Miki Horvath, 1st; Andrew Ivanov- 3rd. 
Masters W K1: 1st - Vita Ivanovs; 3rd - Ann DeBrouwer
Masters M K2: 1st - Miki Horvath/Andrew Ivanov; 2nd - Marc Nemec/ Borisse Prochounine
U15 W K1: 2nd – Katy Stewart; 3rd – Sarah Nagy; 4th – Grace Tsaousidis, 5th – Angelina Davidson; 6th – Jade Needham 
Masters Mixed K4 - 1st - Lisa Paulson/Andrew Ivanov/Vita Ivanov/Miki Horvath; 5th - Ann DeBrouwer/Andrei Zoubakine/Marianne Downes/Marc Nemec  
Men’s C1 Masters – 1st - Vlad Pankratov 

OCup1 Long Distance Regatta Results - May 29th/16, Welland.

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Impressive results, team!!!   RHCC had 38 participants at the event and won the regatta burgee for earning the most points across all events! 


2000m Masters Men’s K-1:

Masters: 1st -Andrew Ivanov ; 2nd - Andrei Zoubakine; 3rd -Marc Nemec; 4th -  Boris Prochounine

U17: 3rd - David Stewart; 4th - Oskar Morawski

U15: 1st - Cam Lang; 3rd -John Reid


2000m Men’s C-1

Open : 1st - Jean Luc Cinq-Mars

Masters:  2nd - Dmitriy Savin

U14: 2nd - Marc Cinq-Mars


Women’s K-1 2000m

Open: 5th - Tula Morawska

Masters: 1st - Vita Ivanovs; 3rd - Chantal Chretien Almeida

U15: 4th- Grace Tsaousidis ; 5th - Sarah Nagy

U14: 1st - Katy Stewart; 2nd - Jade Needham; 3rd - Angelina Davidson

U13: 1st - Maria Ivanov ; 3rd - Bridget Wodehouse 


Men’s K-1 6000m

Masters: 1st -Andrew Ivanov; 2nd Andrei Zoubakine; 3rd - Marc Nemec; 4th - Borisse Prochounine

U17: 1st -Oskar Morawski; 2nd - David Stewart; 5th - Niko Tsaousidis

U15: 1st - Cam Lang

 U15:  5th - John Reid


Men’s C-1 6000m

Open : 1st - Jean Luc Cinq-Mars

U14 : 1st - Marc Cinq-Mars


Women’s K-1 6000m

Open: 5th - Tula Morawska

Masters: 1st - Vita Ivanovs; 3rd - Chantal Chretien Almeida

U15: 3rd - Grace Tsaousidis

U14: 1st - Katy Stewart; 2nd - Jade Needham; 3rd - Angelina Davidson

U13:  1st - Maria Ivanov; 3rd - Bridget Wodehouse 

Marsh Mash 2016 Results

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RHCC had a large contingent of paddlers attend Marsh Mash, the first race of the season. Even though the weather wasn’t very favourable with a cold & windy day, the canal was in much better condition than last year.

For detailed results, please follow this link: 

Here are the highlights:

24 km ICF Kayak & Canoe
Men’s 2nd - Oskar Morawski
Men’s 3rd - David Stewart
Women’s 1st - Tula Morawska
C1 1st - Jean Luc Cinq-Mars Please note the results in the link are incorrect, showing Jean Luc as one of the 18 km paddlers.

Senior Men K1 24 km
We also had 3 Master men compete in the 24 km distance, although none placed in the top 3.

18 km Junior Open Kayak & C1
Men's 1st - Ryan Reid
Men's 2nd - Bronson Pascoe 
Men's 3rd - John Reid
Women's 1st - Katy Stewart
Women's 2nd - Grace Tsaousidis 
Women's 3rd - Liz Zoubakina 
C1 2nd - Marc Cinq-Mars 

9 km Recreational Kayak & Canoe
Women’s 1st - Vita Ivanovs finished first in the women’s section of the 9 km event.
Men’s Kayak 1st - Marc Nemec
Men’s Kayak 2nd Borisse Prochounine
Men’s Canoe – 1st Vlad Pankratov. Please note the results in the link are incorrect, showing Vlad as one of the kayakers.

What a great way to start off the season for all of our RHCC paddlers!

Congratulations to Roland Varga and Paul Bryant!

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GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA, USA (May 5, 2016) - In the Men’s C2 1000m, Paul Bryant and Roland Varga (both of Richmond Hill, ON) won a second final to solidify themselves as the top Canadian crew for the Continental Qualifier. Bryant and Varga battled back and forth with Ben Russell (Dartmouth, NS) and Gabriel Beauchesne-Sévigny (Trois-Rivières, QC). In the end, only 0.99 of a second separated the two crews.

CKC link to news from the National Team trials for May 5th:

RHCC clean up of Lake Wilcox park and shoreline

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RHCC came out in force for the Oak Ridges Clean Up day, April 23rd, 2016.  Thank you to our many volunteers who cleaned up the shoreline and surrounding parkland.  We collected at least 15 bags of garbage! Many thanks to Oak Ridges Friends of the Environment for organizing the community clean up and BBQ.  

David Stewart -Town of Richmond Hill Sport Champion!

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David with his award 
Katy receiving the award on behalf of David

One of our own High Performance athletes was recently honoured with a Town of Richmond Hill Sport Champion Award!  David Stewart was one of only 6 individuals, 2 coaches and 2 community teams who were honoured with this award.  David was recognized for his outstanding performance at the Canadian National CanoeKayak Championships last August when he won the U16 Men’s 1000M Gold Medal, the fastest paddler in Canada in his age group and event!

The presentation of the Sport Champion Award was at a special ceremony held on March 31st when David was in Florida at the Ontario CanoeKayak Team training camp, so he was not able to attend.  Instead, David’s sister Katy ably represented him at the event, accepting the award on his behalf.  

RHCC is thrilled that David was honoured with this award and we look forward to another very successful season from all of our competitive paddlers! 

RHCC / Oak Ridges Clean up Day - Sat. April 23rd at 11AM

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RHCC will participate in the Oak Ridges Community Clean Up Day on Sat. April 23rd

Please meet at the Boathouse at 11 AM


This effort is part of the 16th annual Oak Ridges and Lake Wilcox community clean up organized by Oak Ridges Friends of the Environment (ORFE).   A BBQ will follow for volunteers thanks to the Oak Ridges Friends of the Environment and the Lions Club.  Please bring a non-perishable food item for 360Kids.     

We will clean up the shoreline and park area next to the club, the Lake Wilcox Park Path, Parking Area and, time permitting, up to the back of the Oak Ridges Community Centre.  Garbage bags will be provided.  We will have some gloves available, but strongly recommend that you bring gardening gloves, which are much sturdier.  Please dress for the weather.  

In addition to cleaning up a space that we all use, this is a great opportunity to give back to the community.  

We encourage members to participate.  Parents and siblings are welcome to join, if desired.

Students can earn volunteer hours for their participation – please bring your forms to the BBQ.

Thank you RHCC!

Sunshine Showdown, Sarasota Florida - Results

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Our first competition of the 2016 season was held on March 30th in Sarasota, Florida while 14 RHCC athletes were at a training camp in nearby Homosassa, hosted by the OCSRA.  Time control type events were held for canoe and kayak in 5 different events: 200M, 500M, 1000M, 2000M, and 6000M.  Results for the U16 & Junior 2000M events are not available due to the strong crosswinds.


RHCC athletes had a very successful day, winning 14 medals! Here is a list of our medal winners:



Junior Men K-1          Niko Tsaousidis 3rd

U16 Men K-1              Cameron Lang 2nd



Junior Men K-1          David Stewart 3rd

U16 Men K-1              Cameron Lang 1st



Junior Men K-1          Oskar Morawski 1st

                                    David Stewart 2nd

U16 Men K-1              Cameron Lang 1st

                                    Alex Ivanov 2nd

Junior Women K-1    Tula Morawska 1st



Junior Men K-1          Oskar Morawski 1st

                                    David Stewart 2nd

U16 Men K-1              Cameron Lang 2nd

Junior Men C-1          Jean Luc Cinq-Mars 3rd

Junior Women K-1    Tula Morawska 2nd



The complete published results are available here: .  Please note there are several errors in the published results which we hope to have corrected soon.


This is a terrific opening to our new season, let’s hope our athletes can keep up the winning momentum of this early start!

Register Today!

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2016 Summer Program Registration is NOW OPEN!!!!

Please visit Programs or Registration for more information and to download forms. 

We look forward to seeing you on the water this summer!

Summer is around the corner!

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Upcoming dates

April 9th 2016 - Registration Day
April 16th 2016 - Dock Day
June 18th 2016 - Open House / Try it for a Toonie  - Public Welcome!

Ontario Cup 4

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Our final club event of the competitive season, OCup #4, was held this past Sunday at the South Niagara Canoe Club.  OCup #4 was a long-distance event with paddlers competing in marathons of various lengths in the morning and then a 2000m team pursuit with combined men’s & women’s entries, in the afternoon.  

 RHCC won the club burgee for this regatta! We were more than 60 points ahead of Burloak, the second place finisher.    For the overall OCup series, we were 3rd in the Grand Champion and Excellence Award categories.   This is a fabulous finish to the season for our club, the best showing we have had in years.  Detailed results for OCup #4 and series results can be found here:

 Following are highlights of individual performances from OCup #4:

Masters Men’s K-1  20,000m

Andrew Ivanov - 1st

Andrei Zoubakine – 2nd

Men’s U17 K-1  20,000m

Oskar Morawski – 1st

David Stewart – 3rd

Cameron Lang – 4th

Alex Ivanov – 5th

Men’s U17 C-1  20,000m

Jean Luc Cinq-Mars – 2nd


Women’s U17 K-1  20,000m

Tula Morawska – 3rd


Master Men’s K-1  10,000m

Borisse Prochounine – 1st

Andrei Berliaev – 2nd


Men’s U15 K-1   10,000m

John Reid – 3rd


Master Men’s C-1  10,000m

Vlad Pankratov – 1st


Men’s U15 C-1  10,000m

Tristan DeCotiis – 3rd


Women’s U15 K-1  10,000m

Sarah Nagy – 2nd

Brooklyn Wodehouse – 4th

Grace Tsaousidis – 5th


Men’s U13 C-1  6000m

Marc Cinq-Mars – 1st


Master Women’s K-1  6000m

Mary Chambers – 1st


Women’s U13 K-1  6000m

Jade Needham – 1st

Katy Stewart – 3rd

Angelina Davidson – 5th


Master’s 2000m Team Pursuit

Andrei Zoubakine & Andrew Ivanov – 1st


U13 2000m Team Pursuit

Maria Ivanov & Angelina Davidson – 1st


U15 2000m Team Pursuit

Sarah Nagy & Katy Stewart – 1st

Liz Zoubakina & Jade Needham – 4th

Brooklyn Wodehouse & Grace Tsaousidis – 5th


U17 2000m Team Pursuit

David Stewart & Oskar Morawski – 1st

Brendan Rogers & Niko Tsaousidis – 3rd

Alex Ivanov & Cam Lang – 5th


Thanks to everyone for a terrific competitive season. After so many successes this year, we know next year will be even better!  And once again, many thanks to our coaches, Helen & Artyom Savin, we couldn’t have done it without you! 

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