Welcome to Rob, our new Head Coach

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Rob Stott will be the New Head Coach of RHCC, beginning February 1st, 2019.  Rob brings exceptional experience to the club.   He was a National team coach for much of the last 10 years, overseeing the Women's National Canoe program during a highly successful period , 2014-2017.  Prior to that, he coached National Senior Men's Canoe 200m, U23 Men's Canoe, and was the Head Coach of the Junior National Canoe/Kayak team (2008-2012).  He also has many years of club experience, with over 10 years as Head Coach at Balmy Beach.  More recently he has been a professional Strength Coach.  He went back to club coaching last summer, re-kindling his passion for grassroots club work.  It has been our pleasure to meet Rob over the past month, and we are excited to be able to introduce him to all our members shortly.  I know Rob is very much looking forward to working with you, our athletes. 

Andrew has done a fabulous job coaching our athletes over the winter.  We will be planning some time in the next week or so to enable all of our club members to express our thanks.  

Assistant Coaches wanted!

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RHCC is looking for Assistant Coaches!  We are looking for an ELCC qualified assistant coach, 30+ hours a week in the summer with potential for part time work, year round.  

In addition, we are hiring assistant coaches to work part time hours for recreational weekend programs, additional support for summer camp on busy weeks, and for summer institute.  

Please submit your resume for either of these roles by April 10th.  More information at:

RHCC Open House. Shine or ...Rain!

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Thank you to our amazing volunteers for a successful 2017 open house! 
We really value the opportunity show the community what we do and how they can participate.   And we received some registrations for summer programs!  Many thanks to Bella for organizing the day and to Helen for her leadership with the paddling and dock crew!  For more pictures, see our Facebook page:    

If you haven't already done so, please like the page while you're there!

Thank you to Colin and Sandy for the pictures, including the bleak reminder of the storm that luckily held off until the very end of the day!


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Congratulations to Lisa Paulson, Miki Horvath, and Donna Schoales, who all brought back hardware from the World Masters Games that were held in Auckland, New Zealand this year at the end of April!  The Games are held every 4 years, one year after the Summer Olympics and feature athletes 30 to 35 years and up, depending on the sport.  With an emphasis on participation, the theme this year was “For the Love of Sport”! 

The venue was the beautiful Lake Pupuke to the north of the Auckland city centre and home to the 200m New Zealand Olympic champion Lisa Carrington.

Over three days of competition these three paddlers collected a total of 14 medals!

Miki raced to 2 Gold place finishes and a Silver.  Lisa earned 2 Silver medals and 3 Bronze.  And Donna brought home 1 Silver and 5 Bronze.

 All reported having enjoyed immensely both the competition and the warm hospitality of the organizing Kiwis!  They are now dreaming of Osaka, Japan in 2021! 

We are sad to announce that the founder of RHCC, John Chretien, passed away May 4th, 2017

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John Chretien was the driving force behind the establishment of the Richmond Hill Canoe Club. In the early years, John served the Club as Commodore, Coach, and captain of the war canoe. Without John Chretien, there would not be a Richmond Hill Canoe Club and our condolences go out to his family.  We have been very pleased to welcome John’s children, Chantal and Andre, back to the club as part of our Masters paddling group.  

The Chretien family has requested that donations in John’s memory be made to the club. If you would like to do so, please send a cheque payable to the Richmond Hill Canoe Club, P.O. Box 2054, Station B, Richmond Hill, Ontario  L4E 1A3.  Donations will be used by the club to purchase new equipment in recognition of John’s lasting impact on the sport of canoe /kayak.


Obituary and service information can be found here:

Thank you RHCC Paddlers - for a successful clean up!

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Thank you to our members, and especially to our youth paddlers for cleaning up the park and neighbourhood! It's an important contribution to our community.  Thanks to Greg Beros and Lindsay for organizing the Oak Ridges Community Clean-Up Day.


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No Experience Needed
DAY:      THURSDAYS (ONE HOUR 6:30-7:30PM)


Welcome Home from Florida Training Camp!

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Missy Regatta - June 4th 2016 - results and photos!

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A fun and r
ewarding day of races was had by all at Missy on June 4th.  Thanks to Artyom for his leadership.  

Jeffrey Cui kindly shared his wonderful photos of the event.  Many more can be found at the following link:

Some highlights:
U13 W:  1st - Maria Ivanov  
U15 M K4: 4th -Isaac Nay/Jonathan Cui/Raphael Moretti/John Reid 
U15 W K2:  1st - Sarah Nagy & Katy Stewart; 3rd - Grace Tsaousidis & Jade Needham ; 4th - Angelina Davidson & Isabella Pascoe 
Men’s U15: 2nd -John Reid
U13 M K4:  3rd - Bridget Wodehouse/Konrad Morawski/Max Horsch/ Dominic Muthukumaraswany  
U15 W K4: 1st Sarah Nagy/Katy Stewart/Grace Tsaousidis/Jade Needham; 3rd - Bridget Wodehouse/Maria Ivanov/Isabella Pascoe/Angelina Davidson 
U13 W K2: 1st - Bridget Wodehouse/Maria Ivanov  
Masters W K2:  1st-Rachel Stewart/Ann DeBrouwer; 4th - Lisa Paulson/ Marianne Downes
Masters M K1:  Miki Horvath, 1st; Andrew Ivanov- 3rd. 
Masters W K1: 1st - Vita Ivanovs; 3rd - Ann DeBrouwer
Masters M K2: 1st - Miki Horvath/Andrew Ivanov; 2nd - Marc Nemec/ Borisse Prochounine
U15 W K1: 2nd – Katy Stewart; 3rd – Sarah Nagy; 4th – Grace Tsaousidis, 5th – Angelina Davidson; 6th – Jade Needham 
Masters Mixed K4 - 1st - Lisa Paulson/Andrew Ivanov/Vita Ivanov/Miki Horvath; 5th - Ann DeBrouwer/Andrei Zoubakine/Marianne Downes/Marc Nemec  
Men’s C1 Masters – 1st - Vlad Pankratov 


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