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2015 Nationals

posted Sep 11, 2015, 12:47 PM by System Administrator   [ updated Sep 11, 2015, 12:50 PM ]
 After an amazing week in Ottawa at the new race course across from the Rideau Canoe Club, our RHCC paddlers had a very successful National Championships.  This event was held over 5 days from August 25 – 29th.  On Days 1 and 2, most of the single events were held with heats in the morning and finals contested each afternoon.  Days 3, 4 and 5 were mostly team boat events.  RHCC sent 16 paddlers this year (13 youth and 3 Masters) compared to 10 paddlers last year (9 youth and 1 Master).   Our paddlers earned a spot in 14 finals with 4 medal winners!  Last year only 3 finals were contested and we had no medal winners.  Here is a summary of the results.  Detailed results can be found at:  Resullts

 Canadian National Champion & Gold Medallist U16 Men 1000m:  David Stewart

 Canadian National Champion & Gold Medallist Master Women K-1 500m:  Vita Ivanovs

 U17 Men K-1 6000m Silver Medallist: Oskar Morawski 5th place: David Stewart

U17 Men C-1 200m Bronze Medallist: Jean Luc Cinq-Mars

U16 Men K-1 200m – 4th place: Niko Tsaousidis

7th place: Cameron Lang

8th place: David Stewart

U16 Men K-1 1000m - 4th place: Oskar Morawski

U17 Women K-1 6000m – 4th place: Tula Morawska

U17 Women K-1 500m – 4th place: Tula Morawska

U17 Men C-1 1000m – 9th place: Jean Luc Cinq-Mars

Junior Women K-2 500m – 4th place: Vita Ivanovs & Tula Morawska

Junior Women K-2 1000m – 4th place:  Vita Ivanovs & Tula Morawska

U17 Men K-4 1000m – 4th place: David Stewart, Oskar Morawski, Brendan Rogers & Cam Lang

Master Men K-1 1000m – 8th place: Andrei Zoubakine

Our athletes’ dedication and hard work of the past year certainly paid off at this year’s Nationals. We must also thank our Head coach, Helen Savin, who has helped to make our club the success it is today.  We look forward to an even stronger showing in the 2016 season!

A special thank you to Jill Weston who has written up all of the race result emails!!