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2015 WOD Trials and Championships

posted Aug 14, 2015, 8:55 AM by System Administrator

    This past weekend we witnessed some amazing racing from our athletes at the main WOD Trials and Championships.  This was a particularly important event for athletes racing in the U16 and up age categories as they were attempting to earn a spot at the National Championships to be held in Ottawa at the end of August.  Fifteen of our RHCC paddlers have made it through to Nationals, the largest team we have sent in many years.  Here is a summary of the final results, detailed results can be found here:

Junior Men K-2 1000m

3rd          Andrew Ivanov & Brendan Rogers

Junior Men K-1 1000m

3rd        Andrew Ivanov

Junior Women K-2 1000m

2nd       Tula Morawska & Vita Ivanovs

U17 Men C-1 1000m

1st        Jean Luc Cinq-Mars

U17 Women K-1 500m

1st        Tula Morawska

U16 Men K-1 1000m

1st        David Stewart

4th        Oskar Morawski

U-17 Men K-1 1000m

4th        Brendan Rogers

Junior Women K-2 500m

2nd       Tula Morawska & Vita Ivanovs       

U17 Women K-1 200m

2nd       Tula Morawska

U16 Men K-1 200m

2nd       Niko Tsaousidis

3rd        David Stewart

5th        Cameron Lang

U17 Men C-1 200m

3rd        Jean Luc Cinq-Mars

U13 Women K-1 1000m

1st        Katy Stewart

2nd       Jade Needham

5th        Angelina Davidson

U13 Men C-1 1000m

5th        Marc Cinq-Mars

U15 Men C-1 1000m

4th        Tristan DeCotiis

U15 Men K-1 1000m

1st        Cameron Lang

2nd       Alexander Ivanov

5th        John Reid

U15 Women K-1 1000m

4th        Sarah Nagy

U17 Men K-4 1000m

2nd       David Stewart, Oskar Morawski, Cameron Lang, Brendan Rogers

5th        Alexander Ivanov, Eric Weston, Nikita Mitrofanov, Ryan Reid

U15 Men K-2 500m

1st        Alexander Ivanov, Cameron Lang

3rd        Isaac Nay, John Reid

U13 Women K-2 500m

1st        Jade Needham, Katy Stewart

2nd       Angelina Davidson, Maria Ivanov

4th        Erin Carroll, Bridget Wodehouse

U15 Women K-2 500m

1st        Sarah Nagy, Katy Stewart

2nd       Jade Needham, Liz Zoubakina

3rd        Grace Tsaousidis, Brooklyn Wodehouse

5th        Lauren Cinq-Mars, Isabella Pascoe

U13 Mixed K-4 500m

1st        Marc Cinq-Mars, Dominic Muthukumaraswary, Jade Needham, Katy Stewart

U15 Mixed War Canoe 200m

5th        Artyom Savin’s Crew

U17 Men K-2 1000m

2nd       David Stewart, Oskar Morawski

5th        Cameron Lang, Brendan Rogers

U17 Women K-4 500m

3rd        Danica Jekic, Tula Morawska, Katy Stewart, Liz Zoubakina

U13 Men K-2 500m

2nd       Marc Cinq-Mars, Dominic Muthukumaraswary

U15 Mixed K-4 500m

1st        Alexander Ivanov, Cameron Lang, Katy Stewart, Liz Zoubakina

U17 Women K-1 6000m

1st        Tula Morawska

U17 Men K-1 6000m

1st        Oskar Morawski

5th        David Stewart

Congratulations to all of our top 5 finishers!

These are the athletes who will be attending the National Championships:

Jean Luc Cinq-Mars               Alexander Ivanov

Andrew Ivanov                      Vita Ivanovs

Danica Jekic                           Cameron Lang

Nikita Mitrofanov                  Tula Morawska  

Oskar Morawski                    Brendan Rogers

David Stewart                        Katy Stewart

Niko Tsaousidis                     Eric Weston

Liz Zoubakina

Thank you Head Coach Helen Savin and Assistant Coach Artyom Savin, we couldn’t have done it without you!