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CanMas 2015

posted Sep 11, 2015, 1:04 PM by System Administrator   [ updated Sep 11, 2015, 1:09 PM ]
    The goal of CanMas is to promote the sport of sprint racing canoe and kayak for all masters, regardless of their ability.
    Master paddlers are honored at these annual events for their athletic prowess, but also for the solid backbone that they provide to the running, financing, and volunteering not only to their individual clubs but provincially and nationally as well.


Twenty-five clubs competed this year and the RHCC finished in 9th spot overall, with only 15 paddlers! (By way of comparison the first place finishers, Rideau CC, boasted a contingency of 80!)

It was a beautiful day, with light winds and sunshine! RHCC took silver in a Tulip Festival inspired “float” competition

hatched by Chantal Chretien and Rachel Needham and the day culminated in a wonderful Italian themed banquet complete with Mario and Luigi moustaches!

Our master paddlers raced their hearts out and produced some awesome results!

Rachel Needham

1st:            Novice Wms K1-B RR (35-44) [re-race]

2nd:           Womens K1-D (40-44)

3rd:           Mixed K4-B (35-44)

4th:           Mixed K2-B (4th by 1/100th of a second!!!!!!!!!! So close – this is the heat we won convincingly!)

Gav Needham

1st:            Mens K2-C (40-44)

1st:            Mens K4-B (35-39)

3rd:           Mixed K4-B (35-44)

4th:           Mixed K2-B (4th by 1/100th of a second!!!!!!!!!!)

4th:           Mens K1-C (40-44)

Charlie Stevens

1  Gold: K-4 65-69 (with, Ram, Jan and Borisse)

2  Bronze: C-1 65-69

3  Bronze: C-2 60-64 (with Vlad)

Donna Schoales

3rd:  Mixed K4-D

4th:  Womens K1-H

Vlad Pankratov

C1, 35+ bronze

C1, 40+ bronze

C2, 40+ gold (with Chris Hayes, Balmy Beach)

C1, 50+ gold

C1. 55+ gold

C2, 60+ bronze – with Charlie

Chantal Chretien

c-1, 25-34 bronze

Ross Dunn Salute Costume Competition c-2 with Vlad silver


Lisa Paulson

3rd:  Mixed K4-B (35-44)

3rd:  Mixed K4-D


Borisse Prochounine

K4 65+ - Gold

K1 65+ - Bronze

K2 65+ - Gold

K2 65+ mix – Gold (mix team)


Miki Horvath

1st K1   Mens 45-49

1st K2   Mens 40-44

1st K4   Mens 35-44

3rd K4   Mixed 55-64

5th K1   Mens  25-34


Ram Ramsahai

1st K4 (with Charlie, Jan, and Borisse)


Jan Holubko

1st K2 65+ (with Borisse)

1st K4 65+ (with Charlie, Ram and Borisse)


Andrei Zoubakine

1st Men’s K4-B (with Andrew, Miki, Gaven)


Andrew Ivanov

1st Men’s K4-B

3rd Mixed K4-B

1st Men’s K1-C

?  Men’s K1-B

Rounding out the team was Mariane Downes and Andrei Berliaev with strong performances.