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Marsh Mash 2016 Results

posted May 24, 2016, 6:09 PM by RHCC Updates

RHCC had a large contingent of paddlers attend Marsh Mash, the first race of the season. Even though the weather wasn’t very favourable with a cold & windy day, the canal was in much better condition than last year.

For detailed results, please follow this link: 

Here are the highlights:

24 km ICF Kayak & Canoe
Men’s 2nd - Oskar Morawski
Men’s 3rd - David Stewart
Women’s 1st - Tula Morawska
C1 1st - Jean Luc Cinq-Mars Please note the results in the link are incorrect, showing Jean Luc as one of the 18 km paddlers.

Senior Men K1 24 km
We also had 3 Master men compete in the 24 km distance, although none placed in the top 3.

18 km Junior Open Kayak & C1
Men's 1st - Ryan Reid
Men's 2nd - Bronson Pascoe 
Men's 3rd - John Reid
Women's 1st - Katy Stewart
Women's 2nd - Grace Tsaousidis 
Women's 3rd - Liz Zoubakina 
C1 2nd - Marc Cinq-Mars 

9 km Recreational Kayak & Canoe
Women’s 1st - Vita Ivanovs finished first in the women’s section of the 9 km event.
Men’s Kayak 1st - Marc Nemec
Men’s Kayak 2nd Borisse Prochounine
Men’s Canoe – 1st Vlad Pankratov. Please note the results in the link are incorrect, showing Vlad as one of the kayakers.

What a great way to start off the season for all of our RHCC paddlers!