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Missy Regatta - June 4th 2016 - results and photos!

posted Apr 1, 2017, 8:51 PM by RHCC Updates   [ updated Apr 1, 2017, 8:57 PM ]

A fun and r
ewarding day of races was had by all at Missy on June 4th.  Thanks to Artyom for his leadership.  

Jeffrey Cui kindly shared his wonderful photos of the event.  Many more can be found at the following link:

Some highlights:
U13 W:  1st - Maria Ivanov  
U15 M K4: 4th -Isaac Nay/Jonathan Cui/Raphael Moretti/John Reid 
U15 W K2:  1st - Sarah Nagy & Katy Stewart; 3rd - Grace Tsaousidis & Jade Needham ; 4th - Angelina Davidson & Isabella Pascoe 
Men’s U15: 2nd -John Reid
U13 M K4:  3rd - Bridget Wodehouse/Konrad Morawski/Max Horsch/ Dominic Muthukumaraswany  
U15 W K4: 1st Sarah Nagy/Katy Stewart/Grace Tsaousidis/Jade Needham; 3rd - Bridget Wodehouse/Maria Ivanov/Isabella Pascoe/Angelina Davidson 
U13 W K2: 1st - Bridget Wodehouse/Maria Ivanov  
Masters W K2:  1st-Rachel Stewart/Ann DeBrouwer; 4th - Lisa Paulson/ Marianne Downes
Masters M K1:  Miki Horvath, 1st; Andrew Ivanov- 3rd. 
Masters W K1: 1st - Vita Ivanovs; 3rd - Ann DeBrouwer
Masters M K2: 1st - Miki Horvath/Andrew Ivanov; 2nd - Marc Nemec/ Borisse Prochounine
U15 W K1: 2nd – Katy Stewart; 3rd – Sarah Nagy; 4th – Grace Tsaousidis, 5th – Angelina Davidson; 6th – Jade Needham 
Masters Mixed K4 - 1st - Lisa Paulson/Andrew Ivanov/Vita Ivanov/Miki Horvath; 5th - Ann DeBrouwer/Andrei Zoubakine/Marianne Downes/Marc Nemec  
Men’s C1 Masters – 1st - Vlad Pankratov