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National Championship 2014

posted Aug 29, 2014, 11:14 AM by System Administrator

Our RHCC paddlers had a very successful week in Regina at the CKC Sprint CanoeKayak National Championships. Nine youth paddlers had qualified to compete, the largest team sent from RHCC in many years. Of these 9 paddlers, only 2 had ever been to a National Championship before. The paddlers that competed in Regina were: Niko Tsaousidis, Oskar Morawski, David Stewart, Jean Luc Cinq-Mars, Sunny Willert, Tula Morawska, Olivia Petroff, Sarah Welsch and Liz Zoubakine. Many of the paddlers had qualified by racing up in older age categories as well. This included David, Oskar, Niko, Tula, Sarah and Liz in certain events.

The first 2 days of competition had our paddlers competing in the singles events. Typically heats were run for the various events in the mornings with the finals set for the afternoon.

On Day 1, Sunny had a strong start for the team with a 3rd place finish in her heat for the Women's U17 K-1 200M event and Olivia finishing 7th in her heat for the same event. In the Men's U16 200M event, Niko and David placed 7th in their respective heats. Jean Luc finished 2nd in his heat for the Men's U16 C-1 200M event, becoming our first paddler to qualify for  a final. Jean Luc placed 6th in the final, showing us what it's like to be the 6th fastest paddler in Canada in U16 C-1 200M! Way to go Jean Luc!

At the end of Day 1, the U17 long distance events were all held as finals with 30 paddlers in mass start events. Oskar had a strong 11th place finish in the Men's K-1 6000M. In the Women's K-1 6000M event, Sunny had an awesome race finishing 6th and Tula wasn't too far behind her in 12th place.

Day 2 saw the longer singles events being contested. In Women's U17 K-1 500M, Sunny placed 4th and Olivia 7th in their heat. David had a strong 2nd place finish in his heat for the Men's U16 1000M event becoming our 2nd paddler to qualify for a final. Oskar was 6th in the second Men's heat. Jean Luc came in 6th in his Men's U16 C-1 1000M heat. In the Men's final later in the day, David finished 6th becoming the 6th fastest paddler in U16 1000M in Canada! Great job David!

 Day 3 and 4 were team boat events. On Day 3, Our paddlers competed in the Women's U17 K-2 500M and Men's U17 K-4 1000M events. Even though the 3 crews in these events did not qualify for any of the finals, they had strong races. Tula & Olivia had a 5th place finish in their Women's K-2 heat and Sarah & Liz placed 7th in their K-2 heat. The Men's K-4 crew of David, Niko, Oskar and Jean Luc had a personal best time in their heat, 3 seconds faster than they had ever set before.  Thanks to Jean Luc for filling in for Eric Weston in this event, you must have inspired the whole crew that day!

On the last day of competition for our paddlers, Day 4 had the remaining team boat events. Oskar and David had a 5th place finish in their heat in Men's U17 K-2 1000M and our ladies team of Sunny, Olivia, Tula and Sarah had a great 4th place finish in their heat of the Women's U17 K-4 500M event sending them to the final. The ladies finished out our Nationals competition with a 9th place finish in the final.

We'll let our awesome coach Helen Savin, have the last words in summarizing the RHCC efforts at this competition:

For most athletes in RHCC, this has been their first nationals and they have performed very well. Several paddlers have even made it to finals. This includes David's 1000m final, Jean-Luc in the 200m, and the girls K4 in their 500m final. In addition, a number of athletes have beat their personal best times.
As this is a first nationals for many, it is a chance to gain experience and to see top athletes perform at a national level. After this competition, our paddlers will work even harder to compete at Nationals next year.

Thanks again to all our fabulous paddlers and especially to Helen for getting us so far this competitive season! We look forward to sending an even bigger team to Nationals next year in Ottawa.