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Ontario Championships 2014

posted Aug 14, 2014, 11:23 AM by System Administrator   [ updated Aug 14, 2014, 11:24 AM ]

What a wonderful weekend of racing we had at the Provincial Championships held at the Rideau Canoe Club on August 9th and 10th.  The weather also cooperated, making it easier for our paddlers to earn many medals.  Here is a summary of all of our heat and medal winners:

Day 1

The first day of competition saw most of the races for our youngest paddlers from U13 through U17.

We had a great start to the day when our U15 K-4 ladies crew of Isabella Pascoe, Katie Stewart, Brooklyn Wodehouse and Liz Zoubakine won their 1000M heat and advanced to the Final.

Two Men’s U15 K-2 teams consisting of Oskar Morawski & David Stewart and Eric Weston & Niko Tsaousidis each won their 500M heats to advance to the finals.

Jean-Luc Cinq-Mars had a strong race in the U16 Men’s C-1 200M heat, finishing 3rd to advance to his final.

Tula Morawska had a solid 3rd place finish in the first heat of the U16 Women’s K-1 200M, advancing to the final.

In an amazing race, our two Men’s U15 K-2 crews (David Stewart, Oskar Morawski, Niko Tsaousidis, Eric Weston) joined together for the first heat of the U-15 K-4 1000M event, finishing less than ½ second ahead of a strong Rideau crew to win the heat. Our crew’s time of 3:35.34 was their personal best in this event, 18 seconds faster than they had ever posted over this distance.

In same event in heat 2, our second U15 Men’s K-4 crew of Yihung Chen, Alex Ivanov, Bronson Pascoe & Ryan Reid posted a solid 2nd place finish in their heat to advance to the final.

In Men’s U16 K-1 1000M, David Stewart and Oskar Morawski won their respective heats to advance to the final.

Tula Morawska won her Women’s U16 K-1 1000M heat to also advance.

Another strong performance saw Jean-Luc Cinq-Mars cruise to an easy win in heat 2 of the Men’s U16 C-1 !000M event.

David Stewart and Niko Tsaousidis qualified for the final in the Men’s U16 K-1 200M event.

After lunch, the finals were run with an exciting afternoon of racing. 

Our Men’s U13 K-2 500M team of John Reid and Cameron Lang placed 2nd to earn a silver medal.

The heat winning crew of Isabella Pascoe, Katie Stewart, Brooklyn Wodehouse & Liz Zoubakine had a strong race in the Women’s U15 K-4 1000M, earning a bronze medal.

Liz Zoubakine added another medal when she earned silver in the Women’s U14 K-1 2000M event.

Katie Stewart had a strong race in Women’s U13 K-1 1000M receiving a bronze medal.

Our outstanding Men’s team of David Stewart & Oskar Morawski finished first in the U15 K-2 500M, receiving a Gold Medal.

We had another silver medal winning crew with our Women’s U17 K-4 500M, consisting of Tula Morawska, Olivia Petroff, Sarah Welsch & Sunny Willert.

The winning WOD crew consisting of Cam Lang, John Reid, Isaac Nay, and Tristan DeCotis for Men’s U13 K-4 1000M also earned gold at Provincials.

Jean-Luc Cinq-Mars had another outstanding race finishing first to earn a gold medal in the Men’s U16 C-1 200M event.

Tula Morawska earned a bronze medal in Women’s U16 K-1 200M.

Our Men’s U15 K-4 1000M crew (David Stewart, Oskar Morawski, Niko Tsaousidis, Eric Weston) finished a strong second to the Rideau crew they had initially beat in the heat, to earn a silver medal in the final.

Sunny Willert earned a silver medal in Women’s U17 K-1 500M.

David Stewart again medaled, earning a bronze in the Men’s U16 K-1 1000M.

We had another strong gold medal performance by Katie Stewart & Jade Needham in Women’s U13 K-2 500M event.

Tula Morawska repeated her heat winning performance in the Women’s U16 K-1 1000M final, receiving a gold medal.

In an amazing photo-finish win, Jean-Luc Cinq-Mars repeated his win in the Men’s U16 C-1 1000M, finishing only .19 of a second ahead of the next competitor, earning his second gold medal of the day.

Cam Lang managed to outrace all of his competitors in the Men’s U13 K-1 1000M, despite being ill all day, receiving a gold medal.

Sunny Willert earned her second silver medal of the day in the Women’s U17 K-1 200M.

To round out the day, our younger ladies crew of Erin Carroll, Jade Needham, Isabella Pascoe & Katie Stewart placed third in Women’s U13 K-4 1000M, receiving bronze medals all around.

Day 2

Except for a couple of U15 events early in the day, most of the races on Day 2 were for U17 and up, including some of our Masters competing in the Junior category.

We had a good start to the day with Tula Morawska and Olivia Petroff finishing 2nd in their heat for Women’s U17 K-2 500M.

Our Masters women crew of Mary Chambers and Rachel Needham earned the first bronze medal of the day, paddling to a third place finish in Women’s Junior K-2 500M.

David Stewart earned gold and Oskar Morawski earned bronze in Men’s U15 K-1 2000M.

In a strong repeat performance, Tula Morawski and Olivia Petroff finished third in the final of Women’s U17 K-2 500M, receiving bronze medals.

In another photo-finish performance, Jean-Luc Cinq-Mars and Dmitriy Savin raced to a second place finish in Men’s Junior C-2 200M, only .70 of a second behind the winning crew from Mississauga,  earning themselves silver medals.

In Master Men’s K-1 1000M we had a silver and bronze performance by Mike Horvath and Andrei Zoubakine, respectively.

The Masters men raced again to a bronze medal with the crew of Mike Horvath, Andrei Ivanov, Gaven Needham & Andrei Zoubakine in the Men’s Junior K-4 1000M event.

If you would like to review the detailed results, follow this link to the OCSRA website:

Congratulations to everyone who competed and showed Ontario what amazing paddlers we have at the Richmond Hill Canoe Club! Special thanks again to our wonderful coach, Helen Savin, who has put together such an outstanding competitive team for us this year.  

Best of luck to all of our paddlers heading to the Canadian National Championships in Regina from August 19th – 23rd.   This includes: David Stewart, Niko Tsaousidis, Oskar Morawski, Jean-Luc Cinq-Mars, Sunny Willert, Olivia Petroff, Tula Morawska, Sarah Welsch, Liz Zoubakine and Mike Horvath.  We’ll be cheering you on from home and will send results out as we receive them,


GO Richmond Hill GO!!!!