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Ontario Cup 4

posted Oct 22, 2015, 5:12 PM by System Administrator

Our final club event of the competitive season, OCup #4, was held this past Sunday at the South Niagara Canoe Club.  OCup #4 was a long-distance event with paddlers competing in marathons of various lengths in the morning and then a 2000m team pursuit with combined men’s & women’s entries, in the afternoon.  

 RHCC won the club burgee for this regatta! We were more than 60 points ahead of Burloak, the second place finisher.    For the overall OCup series, we were 3rd in the Grand Champion and Excellence Award categories.   This is a fabulous finish to the season for our club, the best showing we have had in years.  Detailed results for OCup #4 and series results can be found here:

 Following are highlights of individual performances from OCup #4:

Masters Men’s K-1  20,000m

Andrew Ivanov - 1st

Andrei Zoubakine – 2nd

Men’s U17 K-1  20,000m

Oskar Morawski – 1st

David Stewart – 3rd

Cameron Lang – 4th

Alex Ivanov – 5th

Men’s U17 C-1  20,000m

Jean Luc Cinq-Mars – 2nd


Women’s U17 K-1  20,000m

Tula Morawska – 3rd


Master Men’s K-1  10,000m

Borisse Prochounine – 1st

Andrei Berliaev – 2nd


Men’s U15 K-1   10,000m

John Reid – 3rd


Master Men’s C-1  10,000m

Vlad Pankratov – 1st


Men’s U15 C-1  10,000m

Tristan DeCotiis – 3rd


Women’s U15 K-1  10,000m

Sarah Nagy – 2nd

Brooklyn Wodehouse – 4th

Grace Tsaousidis – 5th


Men’s U13 C-1  6000m

Marc Cinq-Mars – 1st


Master Women’s K-1  6000m

Mary Chambers – 1st


Women’s U13 K-1  6000m

Jade Needham – 1st

Katy Stewart – 3rd

Angelina Davidson – 5th


Master’s 2000m Team Pursuit

Andrei Zoubakine & Andrew Ivanov – 1st


U13 2000m Team Pursuit

Maria Ivanov & Angelina Davidson – 1st


U15 2000m Team Pursuit

Sarah Nagy & Katy Stewart – 1st

Liz Zoubakina & Jade Needham – 4th

Brooklyn Wodehouse & Grace Tsaousidis – 5th


U17 2000m Team Pursuit

David Stewart & Oskar Morawski – 1st

Brendan Rogers & Niko Tsaousidis – 3rd

Alex Ivanov & Cam Lang – 5th


Thanks to everyone for a terrific competitive season. After so many successes this year, we know next year will be even better!  And once again, many thanks to our coaches, Helen & Artyom Savin, we couldn’t have done it without you!