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Ottawa Marathon

posted Oct 2, 2014, 11:38 AM by System Administrator

The last competitive event of the season (at least for our youth paddlers) was a marathon held yesterday at the Rideau Canoe Club in Ottawa.  This was the first time any of our 13 participating youth paddlers had attempted a marathon and they were joined by 3 of our Masters as well. 

It was a beautiful autumn day for this event which for the Men’s K-1 consisted of 6 laps of the course along with five 200M portages run along the beach at Mooney’s Bay across the river from the Rideau Canoe Clubhouse.  For the combined Women’s K-1 and Men’s C-1 race, it was 5 laps with four portages.  The total distance for the Men’s K-1 was 16.5 km and for the combined Women’s K-1 & Men’s C-1 it was 14.75 km. 

Our paddlers were amazing with all 16 completing the race, even though several of them had been sick prior to the event with limited training time.  The youth paddlers competing in the Men’s K-1 race were: Oskar Morawski, David Stewart, Niko Tsaousidis, Eric Weston, Cameron Lang, Connor Petroff, Muchen Zhou and Alex Ivanov.  They were joined by 3 Masters: Andrei Zoubakine, Miki Horvath and Andrei Ivanov.  Youth paddlers in the combined Women’s K-1 & Men’s C-1 event were: Tula Morawska, Olivia Petroff, Sarah Welsch, Liz Zoubakine and Jean Luc Cinq-Mars. 

Oskar had an outstanding race in Men’s K-1, finishing 4th overall, with David in 9th place and Andrei Ivanov rounding out the top 10 in 10th position. In the combined Women’s K-1 & Men’s C-1Tula equalled her brother, placing 4th overall with Jean Luc not far behind in 9th place. 

For the detailed results, please check out this link:

 To see pictures from this event, check out the RHCC Facebook page here:

 For all of our paddlers, this was a great ending to a fabulous 2014 competitive season.  We agree that our coach Helen was right in strongly encouraging our paddlers to try this new and difficult challenge, pushing themselves to the very edge of their endurance and to keep going! 

Many thanks to all of the parents and volunteers who helped out numerous times with our various regattas and events.  We wouldn’t have had such a successful season without you!  

And a final thank you and note of congratulations to our Head Coach, Helen Savin, who has changed the whole atmosphere at the RHCC this season into a can-do club with involved, excited and committed paddlers.  Here’s to a successful winter training season and we look forward to seeing everyone back on the water at our first regatta of the 2015 season!