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Rock the Docks at Wilcox Paddle-a-thon, Open House and Member BBQ

posted Jun 18, 2014, 6:45 AM by System Administrator

The Mad Paddler, Canada’s newest Canoe-Kayak magazine, is reporting that strange tidings are afloat at Ontario’s most creative canoe club. Reports indicate that the first ever Richmond Hill Canoe Club “Rock the Docks on Lake Wilcox” Paddle-a-Thon was the site of innovation, exploration and experimentation.


Rock the Docks

To start with, led by Andrei’s Z, C, B, E, and D, the club’s masters paddlers offered lessons and support to 80 families who came by to “Try it for a Toonie” in any one of the club’s various floating party boats. Visitors were impressed by the masters’ knowledge and experience, especially in response to various questions from the new paddlers like “which end of this thing do I hold on to?”, “can all five of us fit in there?” and, often heard as they drifted away from the dock, “what do I do now?”


The visitors, including a reporter from the Richmond Hill Liberal who came by to experience the event, were treated to extensive displays of creativity during the Paddle a Thon as many of the 35 members in attendance were divided into two teams, inventively named “Blue” and “Red” and challenged to complete as many laps of the course as possible in as many different boats and team combinations as possible.


Smiling paddlers

Highlights of the Paddle-a-Thon included kayaks powered by canoe paddles and canoes powered by kayak paddles, 21 dragon boat paddlers working in what might generously be called harmony, the first ever solo K4 event which was won by the only participant, Muchen Zhou, and Katy Stewart paying tribute to her Australian paddling buddies by going backward around the course to illustrate that water “in the loo” spins the other way around down under. There was also several new trends including “stand up while you are paddling because it looks like fun,” “paddle on your knees in a K4 to see if it’s possible” and “how exactly do you paddle with a noodle-flag sticking out of your life jacket?”  The event also saw RHCC’s senior paddler, Charlie Stevens, illustrate that old age and treachery do indeed win out of over youth and good looks when he grabbed the award for “Hardest Working Paddler” with 16 laps around the course.


Nice head wear

The event was a huge success, saw 6 new members sign up right away with many other indicating that they were interested in continuing due in large part to the fancy brochures Donna created and the wonderful energy and enthusiasm of the event. Not to mention that everyone got to eat burgers – veggie or otherwise – share some fun and friendship and spend time doing what they love – hang out on and around the water.


They are all there

Watch for a write up in the Richmond Hill Liberal in the coming weeks and continue to spread the word about the world’s most friendly, creative Richmond Hill Canoe Club.



Congratulations to everyone for Rocking the Docks at Wilcox!!