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The Dominion Day Regatta

posted Jul 16, 2015, 6:42 PM by System Administrator
    The Dominion Day Regatta took place on July 1st, at the scenic Toronto Island Park on the historic Allan A. Lamport regatta course. This is a very special event that brings together rowing, canoe, kayak and dragon boat enthusiasts, both experienced and beginners, of various age and gender groups! And this was its 131st running!

For Kayak and Canoe this is a Masters only regatta.  Our club was represented by:
1 canoer - Vlad Pankratov 
5 female kayakers - Rachel Needham, Vita Ivanovs, Lisa Paulson, Donna Schoales, and Rachel Stewart
5 male kayakers - Gavin Needham, Andrei Ivanov, Mike Horvath, Andrei Zoubakine, and Boris Prochounine
1 male canoer/kayaker - Charlie Stevens


Men C2 500m Pankratov V./ Stevens C. 2nd
Men C1 500m Pankratov Vlad 2nd
Men C1 500m Stevens Charlie 5th
Men C1 200m Pankratov Vlad 2nd
Women K4 500m Needham R./ Ivanov V.
Stewart R./ Schoales D. 1st
Women K2 500m Needham R./ Ivanov V. 1st
Women K2 500m Paulson L./ Stewart R. 3rd
Women K2 200m Needham R./ Ivanov V. 1st
Women K2 200m Paulson L./ Schoales D. 4th
Women K1 500m Ivanov Vita 1st
Women K1 500m Needham Rachel 1st
Women K1 500m Paulson Lisa 2nd
Women K1 500m Stewart Rachel 4th
Women K1 200m Lisa Paulson NP
Women K1 200m Schoales Donna NP
Men K4 500m Needham G./ Horvath M./
 Ivanov A./ Stevens C. 1st
Men K2 500m Needham G./ Horvath M. 1st
Men K2 500m Zoubakine A./ Ivanov A. 1st
Men K2 500m Stevens C./Prochounine B. 3rd
Men K1 500m Ivanov Andrei 1st
Men K1 500m Prochounine Boris 1st
Men K1 500m Needham Gavin 3rd
Men K1 500m Zoubakine Andrei 5th
Men K1 200m Prochounine Boris 1st
Men K1 200m Ivanov Andrei 2nd
Men K1 200m Horvath Miki NP
Men K1 200m Prochounine Boris NP
Mixed K4 500m Needham G./ Needham R.
Ivanov A./ Ivanov V. 1st
Mixed K4 500m Paulson L./ Schoales D.
Horvath M./ Stevens C. 2nd