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WOD Trials and Championship 2014

posted Jul 31, 2014, 1:00 PM by System Administrator   [ updated Jul 31, 2014, 5:20 PM ]

We had an outstanding two days of racing at the WOD Trials in Welland this past weekend. Even the weather cooperated, unlike the previous weekend for the Balmy Beach Regatta.  Here is a summary of RHCC results:


Day 1

Katie Stewart and Jade Needham started off the day with 2nd  and 4th place finishes in the U13 Women’s K-1 1000M, both qualifying for Trillium in August.

In the Men’s U19 K-4 1000M, teammates Mucheon Zhou, Chris Bari, Brendan Rogers & Connor Petroff placed 4th.

We had an outstanding group of finishers in the top 10 in the Men’s U13 K-1 1000M: Cam Lang 1st, John Reid 2nd, Isaac Nay 6th and Tristan DeCotis 7th. Both Cam & John will compete at Trillium in this event.

In Men’s U15 K-4 1000M, crew mates David Stewart, Niko Tsaousidis, Eric Weston & Oskar Morawski continued their 2014 winning streak by placing first in the race.  This crew has won every U15 K-4 race they have competed in this season. 

Tula Morawska and Olivia Petroff had a strong 2nd place finish in Women’s U17 K-2 500M, earning them a spot at Nationals.  Sarah Welsch & Liz Zoubakine placed 5th and a place as an alternate Nationals team.

Jean-Luc Cinq-Mars placed 4th in the U16 Men’s C-1 1000M, qualifying for Nationals in this event.

The winning Men’s K-4 crew, split into K-2 boats for the Men’s U17 K-2 1000M final had a Nationals qualifying team with David Stewart & Oskar Morawski placing 4th.

Another fantastic 1st place finish in Men’s U13 K-4 1000M by Isaac Nay, John Reid, Cam Lang & Tristan DeCotis.  They will compete at Trillium in this event.

We had two fun War Canoe races, ably captained by Charlie Stevens: U17 Mixed 200M and U15 Men’s 500M.  Nice to see RHCC back in the War Canoe!

Katie Stewart & Jade Needham repeated their 2nd place finish in the Women’s U13 K-2 500M, again qualifying for Trillium in this event.

The K-2 team of Mucheon Zhou and Chris Bari placed 3rd in the Men’s U19 K-2 1000M event.

Another great race for Katie Stewart, Jade Needham, Isabella Pascoe & Erin Carroll in Women’s U13 K-4 1000M, placing 3rd and on their way to Trillium.

In a fast race, Niko Tsaousidis fought to a 3rd place finish & David Stewart was 6th in Men’s U16 K-1 200M. They will compete in this at Nationals.

Our crew of Liz Zoubakine, Isabella Pascoe, Katie Stewart, & Brooklyn Wodehouse placed 4th in Women’s U15 K-4 1000M.

Our Men’s K-4 who split again into K-2’s, had a successful Men’s U15 K-2 500M event with  David Stewart & Oskar Morawski placing 1st and Eric Weston & Niko Tsaousidis placing 4th.

Our strong U13 boys took the top spots in the Men’s U13 K-2 500M with Cam Lang & John Reid finishing 1st and Isaac Nay & Tristan DeCotis right behind them in 2nd. They will compete at Trillium in this event as well.

We had 5 top 10 finishes in the Men’s U15 K-1 1000M with  David Stewart placing 1st, Oskar Morawski in 3rd, Niko Tsaousidis in 7th , Cam Lang in 8th and Eric Weston in 10th place.

Day 2

A great start to the day when Sunny Willert placed 1st and Olivia Petroff 4th in the Women’s U17 K-1 200M final, earning both of them spots at Nationals.

Tula Morawska followed up with a 4th place finish in the Women’s U16 K-1 200M final, advancing to Nationals.

In the Men’s U16 K-1 1000M final, David Stewart finished a strong 2nd with Oskar Morawski in 5th place.  David qualifies for Nationals in this event as well and Oskar will be an alternate.  

Sunny Willert continued her winning ways placing 1st in the Women’s U17 K-1 500M final.  Olivia Petroff was 3rd with both moving on to Nationals in this event.

Tula Morawska placed 1st in the Women’s U16 K-1 1000M, qualifying for Nationals.

In the Men’s U16 C-1 200M final, Jean-Luc Cinq-Mars finished in 2nd place earning a spot at Nationals.

In a very hard-fought race, our winning Men’s U15 K-4 team of David Stewart, Niko Tsaousidis, Eric Weston & Oskar Morawski placed 3rd in Men’s U17 K-4 1000M, earning a spot at Nationals.

In the last brutal races of the day, all 6000m, we had many successes. In Women’s U17 K-1 6000M, Sunny Willert completed a hat trick, placing 1st, with Tula Morawska and Olivia Petroff just behind he in 5th and 6th places respectively.  Sunny & Tula move on to compete at Nationals and Olivia will be an alternate.

In Men’s U17 K-1 6000M, Oskar Morawski finished in 5th place, grabbing a spot for Nationals and David Stewart placed 8th, earning a spot as an alternate.

Jean-Luc Cinq Mars also finished 5th in the Men’s U17 C-1 6000M, qualifying him as an alternate for Nationals.

If you would like to review the detailed results, follow this link to the WOD website: .

Congratulations to all of our young competitors, especially to those U13 paddlers who qualified to compete in the upcoming Trillium event in Ottawa on August 9th as well as all those paddlers who qualified for Nationals being held in Regina later in August. 

We will have one of the largest teams we have sent in years to Nationals, so thanks also to our amazing new Head Coach Helen Savin who has worked so hard to create this winning team at RHCC.