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Expense Reimbursement


RICHMOND HILL CANOE CLUB's Board of Directors recognizes that RICHMOND HILL CANOE CLUB (RHCC) members will incur expenses on behalf of RHCC.  It is RICHMOND HILL CANOE CLUB's policy to reimburse reasonable and necessary expenses actually incurred by members.  This document outlines cost controls and appropriate expenditures and provides a consistent procedure for timely reimbursement.
When incurring business expenses, RHCC members should:
Exercise discretion and good business judgment. 
Be cost conscious and spend money carefully. 
Report expenses with documentation. 

Expense Report

Expenses will be reimbursed based on a written Expense Report submitted within four weeks. It should include:
The individual's name 
The date, origin, and purpose of each expense. If travel-related, destination and purpose of the trip, including a description of each organization-related activity during the trip. 
The name and affiliation of all people for whom expenses are claimed (i.e., people on whom money is spent in order to conduct RHCC business). 
An itemized list of all expenses for which reimbursement is requested. This should include the following: date/place of expense, description, name/title of those entertained (if applicable), purpose of expense, and vendor receipts.


Receipts are required for all expenditures billed directly to RHCC, such as airfare and vendor charges.  No expense in excess of $25 will be reimbursed to the members unless the individual requesting reimbursement submits with the Expense Report written receipts from each vendor (not a credit card receipt or statement) showing the vendor's name, a description of the services provided (if not otherwise obvious), the date, and the total expenses, including tips (if applicable).

General Travel Requirements

Necessity of Travel.  The person authorizing the travel should consider the costs and benefits of every trip.  Less expensive alternatives, such as participation by telephone or video/web conferencing, or the availability of local programs or training opportunities, should also be considered.
Additional expenses incurred as a result of personal travel, including but not limited to extra nights, additional stopovers, meals, and transportation, are the sole responsibility of the individual and will not be reimbursed by RHCC.  Expenses for a member's family or friends will not be reimbursed by RHCC.

Air Travel

General.  Air travel reservations should be made in advance to take advantage of reduced fares.  Reservations within 14 days of travel must be approved in advance by the RICHMOND HILL CANOE CLUB Commodore.  Airfare should be booked in economy class.

Flyer or Air Miles.  Personnel traveling on behalf of RHCC may accept and retain frequent flyer or air miles and compensation for denied boarding for personal use.  Individuals may not deliberately patronize a single airline to accumulate frequent flyer miles if comparable, less expensive fares are available on another airline.  Members are encouraged to take advantage of discount travel brokers to compare airline prices prior to the purchase of a ticket.


Personnel traveling on behalf of RICHMOND HILL CANOE CLUB may be reimbursed at the single room rate for the reasonable cost of hotel accommodations.  Convenience, the cost of staying in the city in which the hotel is located, safety, and proximity to other venues on the individual's itinerary shall be considered in determining reasonableness.  Members shall make use of available corporate and discount rates for hotels.  When lodging accommodations have been arranged by RHCC and the individual elects to stay elsewhere, reimbursement is made at the amount no higher than the rate negotiated by RHCC

Out-Of-Town Meals
Personnel traveling on behalf of RICHMOND HILL CANOE CLUB are reimbursed for the reasonable and actual costs of meals (including tips). 


Parking and toll expenses, including charges for hotel parking, incurred by members traveling on organization business will be reimbursed.  On-airport parking is permitted for short business trips.  For extended trips, members should use off-airport facilities.  Kilometers reimbursement must be approved in advance by the RICHMOND HILL CANOE CLUB Commodore.  Odometer readings from point of origin to destination should be recorded to calculate total kilometers and submitted to RHCC.  Reimbursement will be given at the current Canada Revenue Agency per kilometers rate as indicated on their website (

Other Expenses

Reasonable business-related telephone and fax charges due to absence of members from the individual's place of business are reimbursable.  However, members are encouraged to use personal cell phone in lieu of the hotel room phone as a means of curtailing travel expenses.  In addition, reasonable and necessary gratuities that are not covered under meals may be reimbursed. 
RICHMOND HILL CANOE CLUB maintains a strict policy that expenses in any category that could be perceived as lavish or excessive will not be reimbursed, as such expenses are inappropriate for reimbursement by a nonprofit organization.  In effect, the commodore reserves the right to decline any such inappropriate expense. 

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