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Volunteer Policy


Hours Required - Each member / family is to contribute:

·  High Performance - 20 hrs per paddler

·  Advanced - 16hrs per paddler

·  Intermediate - 12hrs per paddler

·  Coached Masters / Experienced Masters / Junior Masters/ Alumni Paddler - 10hrs per paddler

·  Racing Development - optional - but any contribution welcome

Total volunteer hours for multiple member families:

·  1st member - 100% of highest number of volunteer hours

·  2nd member – 70% of second highest number of volunteer hours

·  3rd and subsequent members – 50% of their hours


Volunteer Hour Deposit Guarantee:

·  With your registration for the Spring / Summer training session, please provide a cheque for $400 dated for October 1. For families with multiple members, the post dated cheque is for $800.  The cheque will not be cashed. 

·  Members are required to track and submit their own volunteer hours. This will be on an honour system. There will be a day in the fall to exchange hour tracking sheets for the deposit cheque.   

·  If hours aren't completed or a member chooses not to volunteer, the cheque will be cashed.

Completion of Hours: 

·  Volunteer hours are to be completed between May 1 and Oct 1 - exceptions made for tasks that wrap up later in the year or are year round tasks.

·  Volunteers are encouraged to take on multiple tasks.

·  Everyone is encouraged to complete the hours associated with the task and not work with only the minimum hours in mind. 

·  Some hours can be completed by youth athletes. We recommend 12+ and an activity that the athlete can take full and independent responsibility for (eg., dragon boat clean out) We encourage younger paddlers to join the parent in the volunteering activity.

List of Volunteer Opportunities 

·  Board position or committee

·  Bingo Coordinator

·  Bingo shift volunteer - thank you to the 20 families/members already doing this!!!!

·  Safety Coordinator

·  Motor maintenance

·  Truck and trailer maintenance coordinator

·  Safety boat maintenance

·  Weekly safety checks of clubhouse, equipment, boats

·  Updating safety policies following OCA, CKC and new laws

·  Regatta volunteer shift coordinator

·  RHCC Volunteer coordinator

·  Social Media Coordinator / Contributor

·  Racing jersey coordinator – coordinate order and distribution of racing jerseys each racing season

·  Clothing Coordinator – two times /per year green sweatshirt order, plus 2 additional items / year

·  Social Committee – 2-3 events / year

·  End of year celebration coordinator 

·  Winter program activity coordinator – eg., spinning, swim, yoga, gym

·  Club house repairs and maintenance

·  Supply purchaser – will be reimbursed for all expenses

·  Racing boat repairs (exp with these types of repair is necessary)

·  Pleasure boat and paddle repair and maintenance

·  Grant applications

·  Open House  / Try it for a Twoonie Coordinator

·  Open House  / Try it for a Twoonie volunteer

·  Club Ambassador – attend our booth at Street Festivals / Fairs / Town events

·  Race Entry Fee Tracker 

·  Buoy line put in and take out

·  Safety boat driving for Dragon Boat practices, 

·  Safety boat driver for one off groups, events, etc

·  Dragon Boat team supervisor – cover 6 practices per team – assigned to one team and act as their contact point for cancellations due to weather, drive safety boat, etc

·  Writing newsletters and articles for the website

·  Assistant coaching (experience rq'd) – coverage for coach absence, additional coaching for coached masters, etc

·  Basic coaching  / equipment assistance for one off groups

·  Club promotion and advertising – eg., camp, dragon boat, RD, Adult Intro

·  Coordinate a fundraiser

·  Seeking out company sponsorship

·  Club website with new layout and design

·  Regular cleaning and upkeep of dragon boat

·  Grounds / boat house clean up - 20-30 minute clean up once per week

·  Develop updated and new resources for our website

·  New member liaison

·  Summer camp coordinator

·  Summer camp assistance - eg., check in / check out coordinator

·  Dragon Boat scheduling coordinator

·  Adult Intro coordinator

·  Exceptions: 

o “Dock Days” (put in and take out docks, move weights, clean out Boathouse) do not count as volunteer hours – this is an “all hands on deck” event that we ask all available to attend

o Regatta shifts do not count as volunteer hours. We ask that all parents / members / older paddlers contribute to the sport of paddling by offering their time to these volunteer run events.

***Please follow up with any board member via email or at the registration day if you have questions about any of these positions. Or, if you are interested in taking on a coordinator role. 

***We will post the list on the website and keep adding to it.

***Experience and certification is required for some positions - eg., boat license

***You will be given a volunteering form to complete for registration on which to indicate what activities you would be interested in. 

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