Member Programs

Join the club!  If you have enjoyed the RHCC summer programs such as Adult Introductory or Canoe Kids, your next step is to join an entry level competitive program.
  • For youth joining competitively at ~age 10 - 17, the entry program is Racing Development (RD)- 3 or 5 days a week.  
  • For youth under 10, we recommend summer programs such as the Canoe Kids Camp
  • Adults: the entry competitive program, after Adult Introductory, is Coached Masters. 
Racing Development is the entry level for youth racing.  Note that all youth join in this level, but motivated youth at the higher end of this age range can usually progress quickly to a higher level by the following summer.  We highly recommend that older youth (13+) join the 5 day a week RD program, in order to progress quickly.  Younger youth or those who want to "test the waters" may join a 3 day  a week program in their first year.  

As youth progress in their skills, they can move into Intermediate, High Performance and Junior groups.  
Typically RD may do a couple of local regattas.  Intermediate compete mostly in regional and provincial competitions.  High Performance compete in Provincial and National competitions and our Junior group competes in Provincial, National, and in some cases International events.  RHCC has seen great success in the past several years, with several National Champions!  

Masters - For Adults who want to continue to paddle with the club after completing a month or more of Adult Introductory, Coached Masters is the entry point to join club programs.  There are several programs available for experienced sprint paddlers - Paddling for Former Competitive Paddlers, Junior Masters, and Experienced Masters. 

Thinking of joining but still have questions?  email us at


Please browse through the program details here to get an idea of what the different programs offer.  Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or need any extra detail.