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Winter HP

Training Schedule:

Mornings: Mon & Wed Swim > 6:30-7:30 am,  Tues & Thur Spin > 6:00 - 7:00 am, Friday 6-7:30 am, Saturday 7- 9 am
Afternoons: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri - 4:30 - 6:00 pm


Running: All athletes will be running. Highly reflective clothing is MANDATORY. This means a reflective vest or jacket with large reflective stripes. If you need more information on what these items are or where to purchase them, please ask Heather. 
Location: Lake Wilcox Community Centre

Weight Training: Athletes should wear comfortable (but not loose) gym gear and closed shoes.
Location: Lake Wilcox Community Centre

Spinning: Athletes should wear comfortable gym gear and running shoes. ORCC registration forms are required to begin participation. 
Location: Oak Ridges Community Centre

Swimming: Athletes are required to wear swim caps, and fitted swim suits. Goggles are highly recommended. Clean (indoor only) flip flops are highly recommended. 
Location: Oak Ridges Community Centre

Cross Country Skiing: All athletes will be cross country skiing from January to March. Now is the time to track down equipment. Second hand and Swap Shop equipment is great. If there is insufficient snow for skiing, training will take place in the Lake Wilcox Community Centre.
Location: Seneca College 

March Training Camp: Details have not been finalized by OCSRA yet. Attendance in Florida is for HP athletes and upon approval by Helen. Approval will be based on winter training attendance and performance. 

Attendance expectations:
  • Athletes are expected to attend all practices. Time management is a great life skill that athletes learn from having busy schedules. 
  • If there are any practices that you are unable to attend on a regular basis - eg., due to a school commitment, please be sure that you have talked to Helen about this. 
  • If you are unable to attend a practice, you must let Helen know via text or email. 
    • Ideally, it is the athlete who takes responsibility for communicating absences with Helen. 
  • Do not attend training if you are sick. Training when you are ill is not beneficial and you risk spreading your germs to others. You are responsible for informing Helen if you are sick and missing training. 
  • Assignment to a winter training group is at the discretion of the Head Coach. Inadequate attendance may result in the athlete being moved to a different training group or leaving the Swim / Spin program to give someone else an opportunity to participate. 

  • $1200  - all activities included
  • Note - no increase from last year. 

Dates and Breaks:
  • Dock Removal Day - Saturday October 31, 9am
  • Winter Training Starts Monday November 2nd
  • Holiday Break: Thursday December 24th to Sunday January 10th inclusive
  • Family Day Holiday - Monday February 15th
  • School March Break - March 14 - 19 inclusive 
  • Easter Break - March 25 - 28 inclusive 
  • Extended March Training Break - As Helen attends the HP training camp in Florida, there may be additional no training dates for Winter A and B - this information will be shared when known. 
  • We anticipate winter training to end on Friday April 29th - but this will be finalized in April dependent on Dock Day and weather

Winter Registration:

All registration forms and fees must be received before athletes can begin the winter training program. Please visit the registration  page to download forms.

The following forms are to be completed. 
  • Winter Registration Form
  • Release of Liability
  • Athlete Medical Info Form
  • RHCC Code of Conduct and Policies (for reference only)
You can complete the forms and place them in an envelope with a cheque into the green lock box by Saturday October 24th. 
You can attend in person registration at the Boat House on Saturday October 24th from 9:00 - 11:15 am

Email Communication:
We will use email to communicate with you over the winter program. 
If you would like to add or change an email address, please let us know.