RHCC Safety

RHCC Safety is number one priority

The RHCC takes safety very seriously and follows the rules and regulations as set out by the CanoeKayak Canada. Below are highlights from the Sprint Code of Safety from CanoeKayak Canada.

  • All participants, at a minimum, should be able to swim at the Canadian Red Cross "Level 6". 
  • Bantam, Peewee and Atom paddlers MUST wear a PFD during training and regattas, regardless of their swimming ability.
  • When the river temperature is below 8 degrees celsius, ALL PADDLERS BELOW THE AGE OF 18, must wear a PFD. Paddlers above 18 years of age are strongly advised to wear a PFD; if they choose not to, they do so at their own risk. During these cold water conditions, all paddlers should be accompanied by a safety boat during on-water training.
  • Paddlers may not be “tied”, “secured” or “strapped” to the boat or its floorboard, in any manner, during training and competition.
  • A foot strap or bar, which is used by all competitive athletes, does not interfere with exiting a kayak, therefore is allowed for training and competing.

For more information on the Sprint Code of Safety, please click here.