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Safety Rules


Safety and supervision of our paddlers and our equipment

is the primary concern for RHCC

  • ·     There is no use of club equipment outside of coach assigned work outs or as authorized by Helen. This includes the weights, BBQ and all boats (including sit-ons, canoes, sea kayaks, training boats).
  • ·       Use only training boats that have been assigned to you or have been authorized by Helen.
  • ·       Do not use Helen’s tin boat unless there is an important safety reason to do so.
  • ·       Recreational boats are only used under direct supervision of summer camp staff.
  • ·       Tin boats are driven only by those with a boat license and with authorization by the club.
  • ·       The office is for staff only. Please have authorization to get keys or items from the work bench.
  • ·       All tin boat drivers will review the safety check out and check in lists every time the boat is used.
  • ·       All athletes and staff are expected to follow RHCC’s Code of Conduct at all times.
  • ·       No one should be on the water if thunder or lightning is perceived.
  • ·       Please do not bring nuts or nut products into the boathouse.


Additional Rules for Youth Paddlers

·       Paddlers should only be at the club for their assigned training times or if doing assigned volunteer tasks.  If you do not have transportation between practices, you will need to hang out at the public beach.

·       If you wish to volunteer, please inform Helen by Friday of your availability for the following week. If needed, you will be assigned times and tasks. You are considered to be “volunteering” only if you have been assigned a task by Helen, or you have a specific role with summer camp.